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Renew your health, renew your life.

It all begins w
ithin, and it begins now. 

Balance begins within. 

I believe that true balance begins within. With my holistic approach and integrated techniques, discover your root causes of imbalance, then restore health and wellbeing through new connections between body, mind and spirit. 


You are capable of achieving and sustaining alignment in your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies-- and I am here to help you get there!


YOU are a unique individual with many beautiful aspects, and I ensure that my approach is personalized to your needs at every turn. My goal is to restore vitality and harmony to your body and mind so you can live the life you choose with purpose and ease.


Hello and welcome,

I'm Katie Mac, founder of Andara. 

Here's my short story:

  • The old me was fatigued with low energy, brain fog, dizziness, poor sleep, low libido, panic attacks, sweats and chills-- the whole gamut-- until I found Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, yoga and energy work.

  • Now, I'm full of energy, doing all of my favorite things-- hiking, long walks, intense strength training, socializing, reading, travelling, and trying new activities (mountain biking, anyone?!).


My journey to this point involves many athletics including women's rugby, lack of clarity and results from traditional medical tests and medication, Lyme disease, lots of yoga, traveling the world, and exploring my instincts to achieve and sustain optimal health. Through it all, I learned to trust my body's innate healing power and my sacred intuition beyond my wildest imagination-- and I continue to learn more each day about myself, the world, and the Divine unseen powers guiding us all towards our Highest Good.


My mission is to accelerate YOUR journey to wellness in a safe, holistic, loving way. I approach my life and my practices with the same values: curiosity, compassion, and truth. It is an honor and great joy to walk alongside you, supporting your mind, body, and spirit towards true healing.


I am proud to offer alternative healing therapy in New England in my home-state of New Hampshire in Concord and Lebanon, and beyond through virtual/remote sessions:


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
2 Home Fitness, 2 Home Avenue

Concord, NH, 03301


Every Tuesday

Grassroots Functional Medicine

1 Oak Ridge Road, Building 1

West Lebanon, NH 03784



Online via Zoom or Facetime Remote Session

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Female, age 45-55, after 2 biomagnetism sessions:

I feel loose, physically relaxed, and my back [pain] went from 7 to 1.  I definitely feel more focused and less anxious. I have a few big deliverables and I’m not flustered– just working on them and getting things done without hesitation or second guessing my approach. My mental fogginess improved from an 8 to a 2. 

Skin [has] less redness. I fell RIGHT to sleep which I haven’t done in a LONG time. I woke up less than usual, so sleep issues was a 7 now 2. 

This brings me great joy, I'm really looking forward to continuing!

Female, age 50-60 after

90-minute 1:1 EMYoga:

Just WOW. I can turn my head all the way to the left! I haven’t been able to do that in weeks.


I don’t think I had words for your practice, but that was by far and hands down the best yogic experience I’ve ever had. I did Kripalu for several years, all through high school, and have tried several times to find a way into it. But my armor of self consciousness (this is not comfortable, I’m doing this wrong, I can’t keep up) has always interfered.


Thank you so much. I’ll bring more chocolates next week.

Female, age 40-50, after Biomagnetism Intro Package:

Thanks for checking in. I have to say I feel great…I've had amazing bowel movements every morning since, which is quite the feat for me b/c I have severe chronic constipation. Plus, my right arm, which is usually visibly swollen/bad circulation, was definitely less swollen...I am so excited by all the revelations you've shown me and all of these new paths to health. It's really inspired me out of that stagnation, truly, I feel hopeful about this new release in ways I hadn't before. 

I think the magnets prepped me to release so much [emotional trauma] and let it slide off me because [I realize now] it’s not mine

Are you ready for Your Next Step
toward your version of feeling GOOD & living the life you dream of?

It starts with the knowing the next smallest action-

AND choosing to take it.

Right now, your action is to book a 1:1.

 You may not have considered how your physical, emotional environments are connected.


You will get new perspective on approaching your health intentions. After our 1:1 over the phone or Zoom, you will have your next action to becoming the YOU you dream of.


It all begins now.

Leaf Pattern Design

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”


At Andara, I acknowledge that everything begins and ends as energy. Imbalances most often begin with an unresolved emotion or experience which can lead to blockages in your body or bioenergetic field. The blockage can then build as you collect more unresolved emotions until there is enough energetic pressure to generate manifestations like chronic pain, low energy, mood instability and more. I live by the motto from Caroline Myss: "your biography becomes your biology" (from Anatomy of the Spirit).

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Thank you & welcome to Andara!

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