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Service Terms Agreement

Biomagnetism is based on the assumption that any medical condition may simultaneously alter the pH of two organs or regions in the body. We are surrounded by magnetic fields and we also produce our own individual magnetic field. Each cell and organ also has its own magnetic field. When the fields are balanced, it helps overall function in the body.


The application of magnets with clothes on, the client is never touched skin to skin, medications and substances are not administered, no fluids or tissues are collected, and medications are never prescribed. Therefore, I, the reader and signatory, understand that this is not an allopathic medical consultation. This is not a symptomatic diagnosis but an etiological analysis. I consent to receiving the therapy/service I have signed up for with Andara.

I declare and certify my intention of receiving therapy with traditional, bioenergetic, magnetic, sound frequencies, movement, and/or breathwork guidance that may offer therapeutic benefits by supporting normal structure and function for myself. It is by my own free will and choice to enter into this agreement and engage in Andara’s services, and as such I am solely responsible for assessing the risks involved, including seeking a professional opinion, and I am liable for this action. 

If I have come here accompanying a minor or person with disabilities I certify that I am the father, mother, or legal guardian of said person and the I have full capacity and authority to allow this therapy. Permission is given to use any information about me for research and publication so long as all personal identification is masked. 

Cancelation Policy

Services missed or canceled within 24 hours or less of an appointment will be fully charged, with the exception of the complimentary call which requires a 14-hour notice of cancelation and no charge. This policy ensures that you are fully committed to showing up for yourself and allows me to reserve that time for you. Thank you for respecting the time commitment. 

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