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Mind-Body Series: Episode 2

Gifts from the Ashes: Alchemizing Trauma into Life Purpose with Marin Phoenix

Marin’s journey is rich with lessons and nuggets of wisdom about patterns stored from childhood experiences and how they can influence our experiences and trajectory into adulthood. Marin shares her personal experiences growing up in a household with conflict and how it led her to become a transformational coach. Could traumatic experiences serve a purpose in life and provide opportunities for growth and nourishment? Tune in for our perspectives.

These podcasts share the stories that made us who we are and challenged us to grow into the calling we were made for. You will find pieces of your story within these words, experience breakthrough and guidance, and gather bits of holistic wisdom along the way. Grab a cozy cuppa and sink into the magic as you laugh and learn alongside what feels like cherished friends.

Marin and Katie have dedicated themselves to healing, transformation, and walking in faith and divine guidance. Through physical and emotional hardships and trauma, we have practiced deep mastery in the wisdoms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Transformational Coaching, Biomagnetism, Vipassana, Hatha, Yin, & Energy Medicine Yogas, Holotropic Breathwork, Trauma-informed healing modalities, and more to help you navigate the certain uncertainties of life with more ease, joy, and rapport with your authentic self.

In this Episode:

- What IS transformational coaching?

- Patterns from childhood may hinder your life goals

- Uncovering the map behind imprinted behaviors and reactions

- Trauma can be nourishing for self-growth

- Marin’s pivotal childhood moment that seeded her coaching journey

- Designing her signature business foundational program Embodypreneur

- Finding more freedom and joy in your purpose and relationships

- Who can benefit from a transformational coach

- We all have trauma; Big T Trauma and little t trauma both impact health

- A peak into Marin’s LARGE medicine bag

- Open up more possibilities to receive more opportunities: 2 exercises for more - embodiment and create space for intuitive guidance

Next time: Marin and Katie explore what it means to set an intention, why we get blocked or off track from reaching our targets, and how to better support the journey towards your desired outcome. Their approach may surprise you! Plus, they share more techniques for you to try for more personal growth and manifesting.

Connect with us and learn more:

Marin Phoenix

Instagram: @embodypreneur

Go Beyond Birthing Programs:

Katie MacMullin

Instagram: @andara.balance

PS - our video and audio will only keep getting better ;)

Opening Song Credit:

Sun by Thomas Bergersen


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