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Mind-Body Series: Episode 1

How Successive Concussions Lead to Her Life’s Purpose: TBIs & Lyme with Katie MacMullin

Transformational Coach Marin Phoenix interviews Body & Mind Resiliency Coach Katie MacMullin who shares her head-trauma riddled past that led to realizing her life purpose in the growing fields of biomagnetism therapy and Reiki/energy healing. Find out why it’s important to listen to the messages around you, slow down, and why pepper & turmeric are a dynamic duo.

These podcasts share the stories that made us who we are and challenged us to grow into the calling we were made for. You will find pieces of your story within these words, experience breakthrough and guidance, and gather bits of holistic wisdom along the way. Grab a cozy cuppa and sink into the magic as you laugh and learn alongside what feels like cherished friends.

Marin and Katie have dedicated themselves to healing, transformation, and walking in faith and divine guidance. Through physical and emotional hardships and trauma, we have practiced deep mastery in the wisdoms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Transformational Coaching, Biomagnetism, Vipassana, Hatha/Yin/Energy Medicine Yoga, Holotropic Breathwork, Trauma-informed healing modalities, and more to help you navigate the certain uncertainties of life with more ease, joy, and rapport with your authentic self.

In this Episode:

  • Multiple concussions trigger years long emotional & physical crisis to find a calling/purpose

  • Knowing when to take a knee during the game

  • Why we need a champion & care team for healing

  • You don’t have to settle for feeling “mostly” better!

  • When slowing down feels like falling behind

  • Who’s on your team?

  • The secret behind the dynamic duo of Pepper & Turmeric! work together like Biomagnetism & Reiki

  • How Katie uses your feet to get answers about your health!

  • What does receiving Biomagnetism feel like?

  • Your body is your best friend: what is my body trying to tell me?

  • Emotions are the root of dis-ease

  • Drop into a 2-minute Ho'oponopono meditation for quick self-centering

Next time: the roles reverse! You’ll hear how Marin meditated her way to her true calling from a 41st floor office in the Financial District in San Francisco back to her roots in Vermont: how she became a multi-faceted facilitator of transformational healing

Connect with us and learn more:

Marin Phoenix

Instagram: @embodypreneur

Go Beyond Birthing Programs:

Katie MacMullin

Instagram: @andara.balance

Opening Song Credit:

Sun by Thomas Bergersen


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